[games_access] Xbox 360 - alternative controllers

hinn at uiuc.edu hinn at uiuc.edu
Fri Jan 20 13:36:25 EST 2006

That's a great question, Barrie. I have a japanese and a US
version of the Xbox 360 and if we found accessible controllers
that worked with either or both of them I could bring them to
GDC. I guess let's start searching -- I'm afraid that since it
is so new there might not be some "creative controller
hacking" yet...but you never know! I'll ask some people at
Microsoft too if they know of anything.


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>Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2006 14:40:26 -0000
>From: "Barrie Ellis" <barrie.ellis at oneswitch.org.uk>  
>Subject: [games_access] Xbox 360 - alternative controllers  
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>   Hi all,
>   I've had a few people approaching me already saying
>   how they can't play their Xbox 360 due to
>   inaccessible controllers. Is any body aware of any
>   alternative controllers that are available or in the
>   works? I know of a Hori Arcade stick, but this isn't
>   ideal for the people in question.
>   Cheers,
>   Barrie
>   www.OneSwitch.org.uk
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