[games_access] Develop Brighton -- Accessibility Arcade

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Thu Jun 1 18:11:39 EDT 2006

yeah, that might be what they are talking about -- i'll ask to double 
check. not sure how much they are talking about when it comes to tv 
rental -- is it shockingly more expensive over there?


>If the conditions are on the equipment being PAT tested, my lap-top 
>and monitor are all okay until September 2006. It's not too late for 
>me to get other bits tested out too, although it can be a bit of a 
>rip-off money wise.
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>>Hi all,
>>So the Develop organizers have a lot of restrictions and we might 
>>not be able to hold the accessibility arcade. Will all speakers 
>>please email me (hinn at uiuc.edu) as soon as they get this email and 
>>let me know what games and what equipment they planned to 
>>show/bring in, including if they need a TV monitor (and if you are 
>>bringing that monitor or not). That way we can find out what needs 
>>to be completely revamped sooner than later due to restrictions.
>>Here are the details from the conference folks:
>>"We can arrange power in the room that's not a problem. Here's the AV we
>>Our standard room setup for each room includes:
>>-Projection screen
>>-An 1024X768 SVGA projector
>>-A wired lavaliere microphone
>>-A presenter table
>>-Sound for Personal Computer
>>-Podium with a Standard Podium Microphone
>>All the rest is extra costs for us and need to be able justify the large
>>expense, despite what you might think TVs and stuff are quite expensive.
>>Also there's rules about bringing your own equipment in.  The best thing
>>to do is send me what you were planning on having and see how we can
>>possible manage it or scale down."
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