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Yeah, I think the main issue is that they say on their
guidelines that they did work with us and then Richard has
tried to contact them many times to no avail. So, yes, I would
also think they'd benefit, especially since we have the
industry connections that would help review such documents to
help improve them (language, examples, etc). But so far we
haven't been able to get into contact with them yet they used
a lot of our whitepaper verbatum in their guidelines. So it's
a bit perplexing!!

Good news about the retro remakes forums!!


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>Regarding the "Guidelines for developing accessible games"
>http://gameaccess.medialt.no/guide.php and
http://gameaccess.medialt.no/ do 
>you think MediaLT would consider working together with us?
>Their guidelines are very dry, but there is a lot of very
solid advice in 
>It would be improved by:
>*Including us.
>*Not being so dry.
>*Using more acceptable language 
>*More real-world examples that more people can relate to.
>*Pictures, videos, audio clips, colour.
>*Consideration that disabled gamers can include novice gamers
and young 
>children too.
>*Examples of game genres and how to add accessibility
features - from the 
>simplest to the most involved.
>*Links to recommended games with specific accessibility features.
>*Perhaps design flow-charts to help with designing specific
>In the meanwhile, RetroRemakes have said that they plan to
keep the 
>"Accessibility Assistance" forum up on-line indefinitely: 
>http://www.retroremakes.com/forum2/forumdisplay.php?f=84 -
which could prove 
>a useful resource to pick from in future.
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