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Just want to clarify what's the difference with you wiki web site and <>  ?  it looks
like both have forums information about game accessibility and so on.  By
the way just wanted to let you know thank you for the opportunity to help
monitor the forum you created gamers with physical disabilities.  Sorry I
can not be there all the time but it's great Barry is helping.


You are helping me to learn so much and helping me to give back my true
passion to make videogames accessible.  To help people.


I enjoyed your wiki site but it was very straightforward and would like to
use what you put at the top the igda special interest group definition of
game accessibility if that's OK?


Robert Florio

Art Institute online SGA President

Quadriplegic Artist <> 

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Hi Folks,


Just made a first attempt of a wikipedia entry on game accessibility:

Feel free to edit!





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