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If anyone is planning of attending or presenting 
at this, let me know so I can put it on our blog!


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>Call for game and project demos
>Interactive Institute, Sonic studio are pleased to invite You to
>Audio Mostly 2006 - a Conference on Sound in Games,
>October 11-12 in Piteå, Sweden
>The international Audio Mostly Conference 
>provides a venue to explore varied uses of sound 
>in games and interactive environments and all 
>sorts of gaming interaction models based on 
>sound. We aim to help open up this area of 
>thinking by bringing together game designers, 
>audio experts, content creators, and technology 
>and behavioral researchers.
>Through this forum, varied experts may discuss 
>developments and new potentials for audio gaming 
>in health and fitness, education, industrial 
>training, etc, and sonic solutions to 
>development challenges in low resolutions 
>scenarios or environments where screens are 
>unavailable. The aim is to both describe and 
>push the boundaries of what sound can do to 
>sustain game play and interactivity.
>Do not miss this opportunity to meet 
>researchers, game designers, composers, 
>interaction designers, audio engineers and game 
>developers interested in sharing their results 
>and perspectives!
>If you have a project or game that you would 
>like to demo at the conference, please contact 
>us at audiomostly at tii.se
>Read more on our web site, www.tii.se/sonic, click "Audio Mostly 2006".
>Reserve your spot at Audio Mostly 2006 and register now!
>Information: www.tii.se/sonic or audiomostly at tii.se
>Time: October 11-12, 2006
>Place: Acusticum 4, Piteå, Sweden
>Conference Fee: 200 EUR/1900 SEK. Coffee, lunch and dinner included.
>Registration: www.tii.se/sonic/amc/registration.html
>Deadline for registration: September 10, 2006
>Please forward this to anyone who may be interested in participating.
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