[games_access] Those Bringing Laptops to GDC...

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Sun Mar 12 18:04:07 EST 2006

I agree -- the main thing is confirming that 
someone has a laptop that can run all off the 
games and such.

So for powerpoint presentations, please bring 
them on usb mini drives and cds (just in 
case...). I think Thomas was figuring out if he 
could run other games on his laptop so maybe we 
use his laptop as the presentation laptop that is 
hooked up to the projector. Thomas? Thoughts?

For the accessibility arcade, that's a bit of a 
different story since we'll have those set up in 
another part of the room all day. I am looking 
into security issues on people's computers (like 
some sort of lock system that would keep machines 
from "walking") now and will let you know what I 
find out.

Hope I didn't confuse things even more!

>I would suggest that to the extent possible, 
>run all the power points off of thumb drives 
>through a single laptop.  Every machine change 
>is another opportunity for a technical problem 
>and usually take a few minutes of concentration 
>away from more important tasks.
>As for the larger programs, to then extent they 
>can also be on the same machine...so much the 
>Tom B
>At 02:58 PM 3/10/2006, you wrote:
>>We will bring 1 laptop PC for the presentation. 
>>I prefer not to use it for the accessibility 
>>arcade but if it absolutely necessary, it can 
>>be used. Is it possible for you to arrange a 
>>set of headsets for the games Drive and 
>>Sudo-San. I can bring an extra set of 
>>headphones but I don't have two.
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>>>Hi everyone,
>>>For those of you participating in the Monday 
>>>Tutorial, how many of you will be bringing 
>>>laptops that, ideally, could be used to show 
>>>games on during the accessibility arcade? I 
>>>have the CMP staff helping out with getting us 
>>>some monitors for the console games. But I was 
>>>wondering if, say, Reid was bringing a laptop 
>>>that could run Doom3[cc] on it and if someone 
>>>else was bringing a laptop that could run 
>>>strange attractors on it.
>>>Let me know as soon as possible because I will 
>>>need to know how much I will beg, borrow, and 
>>>steal stuff.
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