[games_access] Recording the GDC - any regulations?

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Sun Mar 12 20:11:35 EST 2006

ok, here's the main info page about recording:


so...there's a deadline of march 13th (!) for permissions (that info 
is on the page and the email address of the person you'll need to 
contact is on there too) and that only 5 minutes of a session can be 
recorded if permission is granted. and no recording of roundtables 

so, sounds like you might not want to go overboard bringing a lot of 
recording equipment because it sounds like you won't be permitted to 
do so and that they will kick you out of the conference for violating 
their regulations. i know that each session is staffed pretty heavily 
(for instance at last year's roundtables there were TWO people 
assigned to our room just to assist that!) so they are probably VERY 
serious about kicking people out.

as far as photos go, i can't find any restrictions for that and i've 
never been asked to not take photos for past gdcs...that doesn't mean 
it's completely fine but i think that the regulations on that are 
less strict. i'll update this when i hear more.

michelle (who will be leaving her video camera at home!!)

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>>yes, there are a ton of regulations against that actually -- i'm 
>>chatting with the gdc folks about the exact restrictions and will 
>>post those on the list asap.
>>>Sander and I are bringing along hardware to record as much from 
>>>the GDC as possible (audio- and video-recordings as well as 
>>>photographs). Does anyone know if there are any regulations that 
>>>prevent us from recording, say, sessions, tutorials, roundtables, 
>>>the A-Arcade,...?
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