[games_access] got permission for recording from Sibel Sunar

hinn at uiuc.edu hinn at uiuc.edu
Mon Mar 13 18:03:41 EST 2006

Yeah, sounds like, with the speaker's permissions (and I don't
have any reservations about anyone recording any bit say at
the GDC) you can record the first five minutes of any session.
Now with tutorials...I don't know what that means. Does it
mean the first five minutes of the day or can it mean the
first five minutes of each section of the day (ie, can you
record 5 minutes of the intro, then 5 minutes of the
accessibility arcade, etc).

As for outside the sessions, sounds to me you can record in
the hallways as long as no one is having an official session
in the hallway. :) GDC doesn't officially record anything but
the sessions themselves so I can't see them having a problem
with anything else. You might want to check with jason at the
igda (jason at igda.org) about recording anything at an IGDA
session like at the new members cocktail party but otherwise I
would think you are welcome to tape whatever else as long as
the person you are taping is cool with it!

At least that's my take on it. Tom? Any legal advise for us? ;)


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>Subject: [games_access] got permission for recording from
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>   Here is the quote below I got from Sibel Sunar.  I
>   think this means we cannot record inside sessions
>   and the only thing we are allowed to record the
>   whole time there is only sessions and the portion of
>   it which is the first five minutes.  Is this what it
>   means to you I think it does?
>   "You can film outside of sessions freely and 5 mins
>   at the top of each session."  (Sibel Sunar)
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