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Wow, great news, never heard of it!

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> ...turned this up whilst working on the Physical Disabilities 
> presentation:
> "Using the latest assistive computer technology from Madentec, people with 
> quadriplegia golfed right beside their able-bodied counterparts on an 
> actual course using a wheelchair-mounted computer running Microsoft's 
> Links LS 2000 golf software. A replica of the Pelican Hill golf course was 
> stored in the computer software down to every detail. People with 
> disabilities golfed virtually, using the computer software and assistive 
> technology.
> These people participated on the same teams as the able-bodied golfers. 
> The golfers with disabilities drove from hole to hole on the real course 
> in their powered wheelchair, following the shots they are making on the 
> computer mounted in front of them. The other golfers will ride in slightly 
> less style in powered golf carts. " - Source: 
> http://www.at508.com/abletv/event_real_abilities.asp (loads of video files 
> there too).
> Loads of TV links too. It's not new (c.2000), but an idea that should get 
> more coverage. Turn based sports such as pool and darts are very suitable 
> for this kind of real vs. virtual inclusive sport. This link mentions some 
> work I did years ago, which was great fun - 
> http://www.oneswitch.org.uk/2/I/Playstation-PC/Iplaystation15.htm
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