[games_access] should I bring Lifeline? PlayStation 2

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Sure Robert! Yep, we'll have plenty of PS2's on hand!

And, btw, everyone I'll be sending out the meeting plan for 
Sunday and the Dinner Plan for Monday tonight. I need to 
confirm something at the hotel before I send that out.


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Lifeline? PlayStation 2  
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>   Lifeline is a game I started playing on the
>   PlayStation 2 that uses mostly voice-activated
>   commands for playing a third person action-adventure
>   game.  I'm wondering if you guys will have a
>   PlayStation to set up I will bring my microphone and
>   if any of the easy ones which buttons will be hooked
>   up to the PlayStation I'd love to test that
>   technology out with this game?  I think I will also
>   bring my arcade joystick that I used to push the
>   buttons with.  It has a device for moving character
>   and selections around.
>   I look forward to playing the TrackIR if you guys
>   will have that set up with the three dimensions
>   points on a hat for moving forward backward and
>   all-around in the environment.  I am bringing
>   mine but I don't have any games for it.
>   I hope we can all hang out for dinner Monday night
>   with me and Michelle?
>   Robert Florio
>   www.RobertFlorio.com
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