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d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Sun Mar 26 20:02:41 EST 2006

cool! i'll pick it up! i just now got home...more fun with airlines 
and an allergic reaction to something or another. i woke up with my 
eyes swollen shut on saturday morning and had to go to the doctor and 
missed my flight. now how many times in the last week did we say to 
people "what if you lost your sight and couldn't play your favorite 
games anymore?" i literally woke up unable to see.

ok, more email later along with the gdc 2006 academy award winners 
for the sig...hehehe...


>The May 2006 PC Gamer has a short article on accessible games on 
>page 100. There's a link to Barrie's site at the end of the article, 
>along with five examples of accessible games.
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