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Sander Huiberts NEWS news at ebass.nl
Wed Mar 29 06:42:11 EST 2006

Hi All!

Hehe, this is great stuff. I'm just recovering from a perfect flight 
from the states with personal video system...and the big apple...it was 
I really enjoyed the whole conference and meeting you all. "Slechte 
stukje-the recording" is on the way.

I'd like to nominate the following one:

Most Flight-of-the-bumble-bee-presentation: Will Wright with 244 words a 
second in the big Civic auditorium.

Now jet-lagging stuff... :)


d. michelle hinn schreef:
> Hi everyone!
> Thanks to everyone who helped make GDC 2006 a success for us -- both 
> those who were there and those behind the scenes in the uber-long 
> planning for the event who couldn't make it. Next up? GDC Europe!
> So I've come up with our very own 1st annual awards ceremony winners 
> for the SIG. These were chosen by a secret panel of one person who was 
> unable to sleep during a red-eye flight from San Jose. I'm proud to 
> present this year's winners -- congrats to all!
> Most Dramatic Arrival: Richard and Sander for their groundbreaking 
> performance in an "oops, the airline has us going to San Jose, COSTA 
> RICA!!!!!" documentary
> Most Dramatic Departure: Michelle for her time-bending performance in 
> "somehow ending up in Illinois later than Giannis did in Greece" short 
> film
> Most "Braveheart" Moment: "The Right to Fun!" (a.k.a. Thursday 
> afternoon's roundtable) -- screenplay written by Michelle; performance 
> by Sander
> Most Likely to Secretly be a Canadian Mounty: Kevin for his 
> cross-border fighting scenes with our neighbors to the north.
> Most Likely to Have the Most Embarrassing photo of Michelle: Giannis 
> in "Watch Michelle ineptly tie Jonathan's hands behind his back during 
> the accessibility arcade demo during the tutorial"
> Best Argument: Michelle and Richard in "Kill PDF" parts one (Wednesday 
> morning's roundtable) and two (Thursday afternoon's roundtable) where 
> it was fortunate no one took out their plastic swords that some 
> company was giving out at the expo.
> Best Legal Secrets: Tom in "Whoa, there's a $10k Tax Credit in the US 
> for Accessibility???"
> Most Likely to Need Immediate Legal Counsel: All, the Complete GDC 
> Ensemble Cast
> Best Night to "See and be Seen": Thursday evening; Level 99 party, CMU 
> party, Fairmont Lobby
> Worst Possible Time for a Social Event for the SIG: Friday, 9am
> Best Impromptu Musical Written Right After the Friday, 9am SIG Social 
> Event: "Coffee: A Love Story"
> Best Mod Despite what the Judges Thought: Reid for Doom3[cc]
> Best Game Despite what the Judges Thought: Eric for Strange Attractors
> Best Scholarship Winner: Robert
> Best Improv Performance during a Question and Answer Session at an 
> Overpacked Session: (Tie) Michelle for "Experimental Game Design: The 
> Nobel Peace Prize" and Reid for "The Game Studies Download: Top Ten 
> Research Findings"
> Most Likely to be in a Future Documentary Film about WiFi in Africa: 
> Goran
> Most Brilliant Thing Said in the Last Five Minutes: All; the Complete 
> GDC Ensemble Cast
> Scariest Street Chase Scene Aided by an IPod: Sander in "The Return of 
> Running Man"
> Best Use of Corn Husks: Mo and Kasey in "The Voodoo Doll Adventures"
> Most Stories about Teaching Lectures: Kevin for "Project Symbols: An 
> Exercise in Embarrassing Sleeping Students"
> Most Likely to Have Packets of Honey on Hand: Kasey
> Most Likely to Consume Packets of Honey: Reid
> Most Likely to Confuse Packets of Honey with Mustard: Richard and Sander
> Best "Transformers" Imitation: Robert in "Muscle Stretch: The Musical"
> Worst Costume Choice: Michelle in "Wow, was this pink scarf that has 
> been choking me all day a mistake or what?"
> Most Photogenic while Sleeping in the Lobby of the Saint Claire Hotel: 
> Thomas in "Rip Van Winkle Returns"
> Best Panic Attack Scene Caused by Airlines: Michelle in "Oh my 
> God...is anyone going to be in San Jose in time for the Tutorial?"
> Best Translation of a Ridiculous Phrase in Greek that Michelle Somehow 
> Knew: Giannis in "Look, a shooting star"
> Best Translation of a Non-Existent Dutch Phrase: Richard and Sander in 
> "Slecht Stukje"
> And...
> This year's Best Picture Award Goes to....[drumroll]...
> "Unidentified Woman in an, uh, Interesting Pose Whose Picture was 
> Taped to a Parking Meter with a Windows Mobile Sticker"
> Ok, thanks to all the winners! And feel free to add more -- I didn't 
> go into the "technical awards" so there's plenty of room for more 
> nominations. And if you don't understand any of the award 
> categories...see you at GDC Europe where we're sure to come up with 
> more! :)
> Michelle
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