[games_access] GDC '06 report of Day 1

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Thu Mar 30 09:41:52 EST 2006

sounds good! joint press release?

>Great! I have already started a "" Top 10 list of accessible things 
>that games do right" ... maybe we should sync them... ?
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>>Yes, I second that! The whole week was great and soon I'll unveil 
>>"Mission Positive Campaign: Press Releases Galore" (once I have 
>>IGDA's permission to do those...) that I went on and on about last 
>>week! Ok, basically the idea is that we will send press releases 
>>stating the things that games do "right" with regard to 
>>accessibility in the hopes that they will want to learn more. :) It 
>>beats "Mission Negative Campaign: Lawsuits Galore"
>>Kevin and I are definitely willing US university funding people so 
>>if you need University support for a NSF grant or something like 
>>that, we can lend a hand!
>>Great day one write up. Now that I have the sig blog password 
>>again, I'll link to it and be adding more news items each week. :)
>>>Hey everyone,
>>>I have begun posting daily reports of my time at GDC '06. I have day 1
>>>posted with the other days to follow:
>>>Day 1:
>>>Before I forget, I want to thank everyone for your awesome support in
>>>the past year, this past week at GDC and you're all an inspiration to
>>>me to keep working hard on developing closed captioning for games.
>>>After the tutorial session on Monday I was so motivated and
>>>enthusiastic for the future. I wanted to do whatever I could. I've
>>>always had side projects I wanted to do that got in the way of closed
>>>captioning in games but I've decided to put those on hold. I want to
>>>revamp my gamescc.rbkdesign.com website, make it more professional.
>>>Start writing a weekly column where I critique the quality of closed
>>>captioning in games and make detailed recommendations for how it can
>>>be included if not already. I'll be pursuing alternate funding options
>>>and grants to help develop the CC software for developers to use.
>>>I have a lot planned and I wanted to be sure I thanked everyone for
>>>helping me and Games[CC] to get to where we are today.
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