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Hey Tom -- thanks for finding out about that tax 
credit law and doing the roundtables! That was 
very useful and I think we all got a lot out of 

Yeah, that article would be great! What is your 
deadline so that we make sure we get sites and 
such to you as soon as you need them?

Of course the SIG site would be a good place to 
point them to: http://www.igda.org/accessibility/ 
and I'm working on revamping this but for now it 
at least puts them into contact with us. Maybe 
also invite them to join our EXTREMELY active 
mailing list and/or our online forum as a place 
to ask questions. That will put them in touch 
with reps from all the different groups that we 
all belong to as well. Definitely point them to 
them to the game accessibility project that 
Richard and Sander are heading up: 
http://www.accessibility.nl/games/ -- that will 
be a good place for those who are not based in 
the US to get started on finding about, at least, 
european laws regarding accessibility.

Others?? Feel free to jump in!

Great finally meeting you in person Tom!

>Hey Gang
>Thanks for letting me participate at the GA 
>dealio at GDC.  It was a good time and a real 
>eye opener for me.  As some of you may know, I 
>do a monthly Game Law feature for Gamasutra.com. 
>My next article will be on Accessibility in 
>Games.  (Universal ??? - whatever that positive 
>term of art was).
>Anyway, if you have some sites that you would 
>like me to consider mentioning in the article, 
>let me have em.  Since it is a Law column I 
>intend to focus on 508, tax credits and ADA 
>issues with games in public places.  May help 
>raise awareness.
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