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Nice one Corey!

You may also be interested to get your Smart-NAV 3 head tracker playing keyboard compatible games.

I've played Space Invaders and Uo Poko on MAME using just the head tracker in this way.

You'll need to install the software for "Track-IR 4.1" then install "Track Mapper".

http://www.naturalpoint.com/trackir/06-support/support-download-software-and-manuals.html - Track-IR software
http://kaf.tri6.net/trackmapper/ - Track Mapper software

You then start up the Track-IR software (don't have your original Smart-NAV software running), then Track Mapper. From here you assign what head position corresponds to what key. Thus you can map positions where you turn your head left, to the left cursor, right to the right cursor, and perhaps where you'd tilt your head up, to she SPACE BAR (for fire perhaps).

All the best,


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  Hi Everyone,


  I just realized that I sent this using a different email address.


  I want to update you all on the bigger things at D-GAMER. So with that I finally finished and posted my review of the Smart-NAV 3 EG. Check it out and I hope it is informative. Here is the link: http://d-gamer.com/hardware/computers/mice/smart-nav/smart-nav.html .


  Corey 'Dis' Krull

  D-GAMER - dis at d-gamer.com 



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