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d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Sun May 21 15:16:55 EDT 2006

Hi everyone,

In an effort to at least get "press release" style info out to people 
who aren't on this list, I'm starting to archive some of the game 
news, interview links, etc on the GA-SIG blog 
(http://www.igda.org/accessibility/), cross-posted on 

I won't be posting every post from the list (that would be insane 
overkill!) but mainly the "announcement" style posts. If there's a 
post you'd especially like to see blogged, let me know when you post 
to the list or off-list. Posts that aren't as "blog"-gy are posts 
that incite endless debate (a.k.a. the GA-SIG t-shirt fiasco) -- use 
this as an opportunity to further "publish" announcements that could 
get picked up by other bloggers and/or media.

Of course that won't keep me from posting the occasional SIG picture 
on the blog...hehehe. :)

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