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Jonathan Chetwynd j.chetwynd at btinternet.com
Wed May 24 11:39:29 EDT 2006


regarding sound, as with other things web I prefer 'free' and don't  
use flash on that basis, recently I've investigated WHATWG Audio. I  
hadn't spotted the refresh issue, what do you see? What browser and  
operating system are you using?
I tried #mysound {display: none;} but that won't work so have added:
#mysound {visibility: hidden; width:0em; height:0em;}
in fact IE 6 wouldn't accept that so fell back on
#mysound {width:0em; height:0em;}
probably doesn't help, but could you check?

on the colour, this is a little difficult, but given that one wants  
to provide a single background with three foregrounds: active,  
passive and visited it's not easy to find solutions. Perhaps you  
could suggest one?
I may have brightened the purple since your last visit and darkened  
the backgrounds. Also the colour tools don't have quite the ease of  
use of some accessibility tools, finally the results can be harsh on  
the eye, and might better be left to user style sheets, or as a high  
contrast option, which this seems to be turning into...

finally I had hoped to check out the possibility of text on top of  
the images, but may not find the time...


Jonathan Chetwynd

On 23 May 2006, at 19:42, AudioGames.net wrote:


Just had another look. I noticed that when I use the TAB-key to  
browse all the links, the screen seems to refresh at the Dr Who link.  
It was only after I looked in the code that I found that I noticed  
you are playing a sound (yeah, even sound designers sometimes have  
their amps turned off ;). Playing sounds in XHTML valid webpages is  
pretty hard. I always prefer using FlashSound API but it's not Valid  
XHTML 1.0 strict I believe. Anyway, I was wondering if there is a way  
to play the sound using your technique without refreshing the page? I  
noticed that it sometimes fails to grab the onMouseOver.

I also noticed that the "More..." link is now magenta when it is  
visited. With the current background this too results in a (too?) low  
contrast, see pic:




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 > Richard and Reid,
 > thanks for the comments, alt tags updated and more link updated. I've
 > an interesting project in development relating the proximity of
 > images as a search algorithm.
 > regards
 > Jonathan Chetwynd
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