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Develop Brighton -- Info needed ASAP!And if I keep my speech under one minute, do I get a flatscreen tv?

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  Hey everyone,

  So we have the one day tutorial at Brighton!  (http://www.developconference.com/) -- free speakers passes (double checking on that...). If you are attending, let me know (off list at hinn at uiuc.edu) as soon as you can with speaker info, including affiliation, short bio (1 paragraph) and a photo. The conference organizers need it!

  Also, although I *think* I know what everyone's talking about since it's adapted from GDC, please make sure and let me know what you ARE speaking about and how much time you'll need. I'm waiting on the time breakdown (ie, speaker times, break times, etc) to finish out the schedule. You MIGHT not get as much time as you'd like but I'll try my best to distribute the times as evenly as possible.

  Also, we can't have any "surprises" on this one -- so no switching topics one day prior! :) We haven't presented here before so I don't have as much history with the conference organizers to make last minute reoverhauls of the schedule. And I will have to be VERY strict with the times -- at GDC we had a little more breathing room but I'm not sure about Brighton. So I'll have signs with 5 minute and 1 minute warnings and I will play really loud music to get you off stage if you start going way over. ;) hehe. ok, that was a little academy awards US joke there. But seriously...what I mean to say is plan well for your talk and don't plan to go over time by an hour. :)

  Ok. Please get me this info asap, preferably before the end of this week!!!



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