[games_access] Develop Brighton -- Info needed ASAP!

hinn at uiuc.edu hinn at uiuc.edu
Tue May 30 05:53:38 EDT 2006

wow!!! giannis your emails are now getting through!!!

i agree about sharing the time slot with barrie and i'm
waiting on the final breakdown of time allotments from the
conference people. that will give us an idea of what to put
where in the schedule.

go ahead and plan on an hour since there's the two of you and
you have so much to discuss. we might take some of your talk
and re-route it to a 20-30 minute "state of research in game
accessibility" panel. not sure about that yet. 

also the accessibility arcade will replace the roundtables --
instead people will rotate to different arcade "stations" to
make sure they get their hand's on (or off as the case may be)
time with the games.

anyone comfortable with tackling legal issues on game
accessibility in different european countries? i can reference
tom's stuff from gdc (tom b? are you going to develop? if not,
i'll plug your gamasutra article and cite stuff from that for
those interested in the US laws). might be a good 15 minute
question and answer bit if we have the time in the schedule.
anyway, let me know who knows more about the state of laws in
the EU, etc and could answer some questions posed about them.

pssstttt...thomas, goran...are you out there?


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>Date: Tue, 30 May 2006 12:37:33 +0300
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>Hi michelle,
>I think it'll be great if I made my presentation in the same
slot as Barrie, 
>as it was meant to be in the first place.
>Please tell me if you agree and how much time we'll have for
the presentation.
>On Monday 29 May 2006 23:22, d. michelle hinn wrote:
>> Also, although I *think* I know what everyone's talking
about since
>> it's adapted from GDC, please make sure and let me know
what you ARE
>> speaking about and how much time you'll need. I'm waiting
on the time
>> breakdown (ie, speaker times, break times, etc) to finish
out the
>> schedule. You MIGHT not get as much time as you'd like but
I'll try
>> my best to distribute the times as evenly as possible.
>> Also, we can't have any "surprises" on this one -- so no
>> topics one day prior! :) We haven't presented here before
so I don't
>> have as much history with the conference organizers to make
>> minute reoverhauls of the schedule. And I will have to be
VERY strict
>> with the times -- at GDC we had a little more breathing
room but I'm
>> not sure about Brighton. So I'll have signs with 5 minute and 1
>> minute warnings and I will play really loud music to get
you off
>> stage if you start going way over. ;) hehe. ok, that was a
>> academy awards US joke there. But seriously...what I mean
to say is
>> plan well for your talk and don't plan to go over time by
an hour. :)
>> Ok. Please get me this info asap, preferably before the end
of this week!!!
>> Thanks!
>> Michelle
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