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hinn at uiuc.edu hinn at uiuc.edu
Tue Apr 10 18:25:32 EDT 2007

Hi all,

An article came out on GA in the Chicago Tribune today:


(You might have to register to read it but registration is free -- let me know if you have trouble accessing it though and I'll send the text along)

This was a short "teaser" piece and there are a few wacky little things in there (I'm *pretty* sure I didn't say THE ONLY games are pink and fuzzy...) and some things left out like all the URLs I sent. But the reporter wanted to get something in now to intro the issue so there wasn't much notice -- he's a very nice guy though and the GDC referred him to me so that was really cool of them.

The reporter is going to do a much longer story this summer (with URLs and a more in depth story on things like [cc], GA.com, GarageGames, etc) and then will be following my class this fall as it takes Brenda and Chris (Brenda 2) ;) design for AIdol and makes it a reality. You may recall...this is the sex game. And, yes, I'm REALLY trying to make my university uncomfortable...and, btw...Hugh Hefner (also...Brenda helped develop the Playboy Mansion game) is alum from the University so don't think I'm not trying to tap into that.

Eelke -- I'm pretty sure you have something going on with one of your classes this fall too with another game? If so, let me know more about it so I can have the Trib follow that too. And anyone else (Kevin! Richard!) who is teaching a class with a major project focused on GA! I'd really like this to be a full look into academia and GA -- it would be a much better story to show more broadly how the SIG members in academia are involving GA in their Game Design classes and beyond!

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