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Oh don't think I didn't just email them asking them the same thing (accessibility arcade). ;)

I agree -- not a place to preach but a play to SHOW! Then we can send out notices to gamers in the LA area to please attend because we'll have a special show.

Finger's crossed -- this would be perfect!


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> WOW! A New E3 ;) Where did you find about this? If

> this turns out as big as the E3 then Yes! this would

> be a great opportunity to have a Game Accessibility

> Arcade of some sort, hopefully attracting gamers

> with a disability?


> But'mind that this is a game show for gamers, so not

> really a place to preach ;)


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> http://www.eforallexpo.com/ - "Entertainment for

> All"


> Sounds like something disabled gamers should be

> included in wouldn't you say?




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