[games_access] Insomniac Games reaches out to disabled gamer...

Reid Kimball reid at rbkdesign.com
Wed Apr 18 12:31:48 EDT 2007

Hi all,

Here's some inspiring and at the same time, disappointing news.


Insomniac Games wanted to help James, who became paralyzed by creating
a special character of him in their game Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools
of Destruction (PS3), not yet released.

I'm conflicted here because I think this is a very nice and generous
thing Insomniac Games has done, yet they could have done better by
actually making their game more accessible to people like James or at
least furthering the discussion by brining up the issue to the public.

So, where they didn't tread, we shall lead. I'm going to see if I can
contact Insomniac Games to make them aware of their missed opportunity
to truly help James and other people like him.


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