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yeah pretty much what I had in mind - actually I have a matrix with
dimensions for multmedia accessibility in my bachelor thesis from
1999 (which trigged my idea for Terraformers)... in Swedish so hard
to share,

but I had yet another dimension there: common tasks vs specific
tasks. Ccommon tasks in a game could be to move and fire, while
specific tasks are those that are specific for a certain type of
game, or even a specific game, even in specific contexts within a
game. The more specific tasks needs some level of training or
instruction in the game, (which key to press for instance in a
specific context).

The combination of performnng specific tasks with a general
accessiblity solution is often the hardest, and often require some
kind of modding or learning. The easiest is general level tasks with
a dedicated accessiblity approach. While the general level
accessibility is the minimax solution (minimum efffort with good
result for the money), the dedicated level is the maximax solution (a
lot of effort to reach as many as possible)


24 apr 2007 kl. 22.55 skrev AudioGames.net:

> Does this make some sense? Mmm... second thoughts: maybe rotate the

> model back like in the first pic?


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