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1. Free Land Grants in Second Life (Susan Williams)


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Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2007 21:30:31 +0100
From: "Susan Williams"
Subject: [Apollo] Free Land Grants in Second Life

Second Life" (SL) is a "virtual world" - a 3D online space, totally created
by its users. Within SL, you can do, create or become just about anything
you can imagine. SL has its own currency (Linden Dollars) so residents can
buy and sell content, buy services, own and develop land and build a real
business entirely within Second Life.

Learners and Educators can work together from anywhere using the Second Life
environment. Using SL as a supplement to traditional classroom environments
provides new opportunities for enriching an existing curriculum. Educational
organisations already using Second Life include universities, libraries,
museums, national and local organisations.

Education UK is offering a free space programme for the year 2007/08.

The programme offers the opportunity for UK educational practitioners whose
work in education [formal or informal] can be extended or enhanced by using
the simulation and creativity tools available within Second Life, to apply
for one of five free plots of land in Second Life for one academic year.

In addition to the free land grant, the programme will also offer successful

* A one off startup grant of $10,000 Linden Dollars.

* A dedicated and password protected audio channel.

* Access to other island facilities.

* Access to a community of support for the duration of their project.

* A hosted project weblog.

At the end of the year, we will reclaim the plot.

Successful applications will be announced by mid June 2007 and plots of land
will be transferred as soon as practicable after that, so practitioners can
plan for the inclusion of Second Life delivery within courses and/or CPD
beginning September 2007. The land will be granted free of all charges until
1st July 2008.

Specific information, including the application form can be downloaded from


You can view plots in-world by visiting Education UK island - Second Life
grid reference: 229, 38, 21 - or do a search for Education UK.

Best wishes

Susan Williams


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