[games_access] Kotaku posts letter from deaf gamer

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Fri Apr 27 13:29:00 EDT 2007

Yeah, I've been dealing with people not knowing about us a lot
lately. The press coverage helps -- even local press because even if
it just gets to a couple gamers with disabilities, it's a win. But
that's why I'm really keen on us getting together a better web
presence -- again, it needs to be accessible (not that we're the web
accessibility police but if a blind gamer couldn't find out about us
because we have something inaccessible...well, you get my drift!) and
easy to update. But we need to decide the core information that
people need to know right off (just at a glance) and then links to
more resources that help them find out more.

Ideas for information we need on our website anyone? Again, the URL
is http://www.igda.org/accessibility

Once we nail down what we need on the site, we can then discuss our
options for how exactly we can pull off a new design (ie, who can
help with the design, what the overall look and feel is, etc). I see
us as a "portal" of sorts where we have the basic info about who we
are but then helping people find resources specific to the disability
that they are interested in learning more about with regard to games
-- shops, research, etc.

So if people have some ideas that we can brainstorm, that would be
terrific! I'd definitely appreciate it! Again, we know that our web
presence needs some major overhauling BUT that's what we already know
-- so if we can keep the discussion around what the site *could* be,
that would be the most productive. :)


>Deaf Gamer: Subtitles Please



>Nothing but support from the comments. A lot of people don't know we

>exist. I've emailed Brian who posted the article and am waiting to see

>if he responds.




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