[games_access] Kotaku posts letter from deaf gamer

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Fri Apr 27 14:54:51 EDT 2007

We did but it was on a different list so I thought I'd open it up to
this list for any additional ideas. Great idea about moving things to
the wiki -- I'll get that together and then send out the link for
people to review.

>Didn't we discuss this last week? Michelle you already wrote a list of

>what content we need on our site. No one objected so we need to get

>someone to volunteer to take your suggestions and throw up a plain

>text example of your ideas so that we can have something "tangible" to

>evaluate. Can we start this on the Wiki so that we can all contribute

>to it? I think of it as a place for us to dump the content and

>organizational structure so that when we do have a web developer, he

>can go to the wiki to see what content we want and how the information

>is organized.




>On 4/27/07, d. michelle hinn <hinn at uiuc.edu> wrote:

>>Yeah, I've been dealing with people not knowing about us a lot

>>lately. The press coverage helps -- even local press because even if

>>it just gets to a couple gamers with disabilities, it's a win. But

>>that's why I'm really keen on us getting together a better web

>>presence -- again, it needs to be accessible (not that we're the web

>>accessibility police but if a blind gamer couldn't find out about us

>>because we have something inaccessible...well, you get my drift!) and

>>easy to update. But we need to decide the core information that

>>people need to know right off (just at a glance) and then links to

>>more resources that help them find out more.


>>Ideas for information we need on our website anyone? Again, the URL

>>is http://www.igda.org/accessibility


>>Once we nail down what we need on the site, we can then discuss our

>>options for how exactly we can pull off a new design (ie, who can

>>help with the design, what the overall look and feel is, etc). I see

>>us as a "portal" of sorts where we have the basic info about who we

>>are but then helping people find resources specific to the disability

>>that they are interested in learning more about with regard to games

>>-- shops, research, etc.


>>So if people have some ideas that we can brainstorm, that would be

>>terrific! I'd definitely appreciate it! Again, we know that our web

>>presence needs some major overhauling BUT that's what we already know

>>-- so if we can keep the discussion around what the site *could* be,

>>that would be the most productive. :)




>>>Deaf Gamer: Subtitles Please



>>>Nothing but support from the comments. A lot of people don't know we

>>>exist. I've emailed Brian who posted the article and am waiting to see

>>>if he responds.




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