[games_access] Switch Accessible Pinball - news story

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Fri Apr 27 18:26:20 EDT 2007

Interesting -- I think Eelke is doing some work with Bally casino
games if I got that right. I'll let him tell you more, as I only have
just a bit of the story from talking to him the other day in email.

Has anyone collected any articles, papers on accessible arcade and
casino games? I'd like to include that in the book as part of the
history of game accessibility. If so, let me know!



>Scores With The Disabled" - NorthJersey.com story via RetroBlast

>with a clear video.


>Switch accessible pinball. Sounds like STERN Electronics are

>adapting these machines on behalf of U CAN DO at their factories,

>reading between the lines of the story.







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