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d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Mon Apr 30 16:06:37 EDT 2007

Hi there! Quick reply -- no, I'm not hearing impaired but Reid
Kimball is and he works for LucasArts and is on this list!

I'm dyslexic and I have a chronic condition that causes me to be in
complete pain (ER-style pain) and pretty much bedridden for 1-2 weeks
a month...those "invisible" disabilities. So that's my story in a

Interesting thinkgeek "product" -- it's a shame they aren't really
selling it! That would certainly be a solution for some who want to
play the wii -- I'll put them on my "letters to write" list!

I forgot about the game project management book! Congrats on being
the top student -- keep it up!!!


>Hello everyone!

> Sorry I haven't really posted...been busy playing Resident Evil

>4. Why in the world didn't I play this before?!...it's

>awesome....minus the script...not 100% deaf friendly. Luckily

>someone on GameFAQ did a Game Script because his girlfriend was

>deaf. LOL!


> Well...I thought of accessibility when I saw this.



> It may look silly to majority of people and the butt of jokes

>on GameSpot, but I think it's a niffy device for those who doesn't

>have arms, or unable to use their arms for whatever reason. The

>only problem I have is, it could cause more damage to the neck.


> Secondly....I got a book for being the top student in my Game

>Design class (with 3, 100% tests, how could I not be? :-D ), called,

>"Game Project Management" by John Hight and Jeannie Novak...when I

>opened it, without flipping through the pages, it opened to page 77,

>I swear, and our lovely, Michelle Hinn was featured! That was pretty



> Tell me, and forgive me for asking...what is Michelle's

>disability? Is she deaf like me? That would totally rock my world to

>meet a deaf game designer. :-D


>T'care everyone and keep gaming!

>DJ aka Lady Sekhmet



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