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d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Wed Aug 8 18:54:20 EDT 2007

Yeah, I couldn't believe it when they called me just as the meeting
was starting this morning. I'd been on the case for a few months now
but was losing hope until yesterday when I got a message saying that
they wanted to talk to me. The woman that used to run E3 is now
working for IDG/E for All so there have been a lot of shifts in ...
let's say philosophy ... and how without groups like ours, "all"
isn't "all."

So we need to think about signage for the booth. We have the poster
that we use but it would be great to have some other equally eye
catching things. Also it would be good if we could have some
mini-signage for the accessible hardware so that people can know what
they are seeing if the booth gets crowded. I mean WHEN the booth gets

IDG, of course, owns several mainstream gaming magazines (ie,
GamePro), computer magazines, and websites. I mean I'm almost in
tears thinking about how great an opportunity this is for game
accessibility -- even after the show! With all that's going on with
the SIG -- from Eelke's dev work with the Torque Engine and the
SecondLife Grant to Richard and Sander's audio game maker work just
to name a couple things off the top of my head -- how can we all not
be pretty damn proud? :)

What a great week!


>Wow, free booth? That's incredible. Thanks Michelle for hooking us up.


>On 8/8/07, d. michelle hinn <hinn at uiuc.edu> wrote:



>> First...it's my pleasure to announce...we got a FREE booth in a prime

>> location at E for All (http://www.eforallexpo.com/insider),

>> which is the new E3. They said when they called this morning that they

>> really mean business when they say "All."



>> Second...West coasters (and anyone else who can go) -- email me offlist at

>> hinn at uiuc.edu and let me know if you can attend and help out! All are

>> welcome!



>> GREAT meeting today -- I'll be posting the summary later in the day!



>> Michelle

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