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Not that I know of -- go for it! Or let me know if you want me to --
doesn't matter since it's super fast to create a group. Yeah, I was
adding a few IGDA facebook group members and I got a ton of questions
about what did I mean that there was a GA Sig? They asked: Do we just
fix problems for the colorblind because -- yes -- nothing much else
can be done. So every avenue we can take to at least point people to
the SIG site and other sites all or one of maintain would be a good
idea. So then maybe people might think we do more than just say

It's interesting because there's a completely different sector that's
popping up of people that think all we talk about very surface stuff
and are surprised to learn that, hey, we're WAY much more than that,
we have solutions, and we've been here for a while so come learn what
we are about!

I've also said before that my university has one of the largest
populations of disabled students in the country for a public
university. This semester my class will be running some game nights
at one of our libraries that has a gaming section plus at the dorm
for students with severe disabilities -- so it would be really,
really awesome to promo the SIG by pointing to the facebook group
then from there they can go to the real sites. I know that our
disabled student community is very into facebook -- I get emails all
the time for different disability advocacy groups. And we should have
one too :)





>I was just wondering, should we start a facebook group on game

>accessibility? It shouldn't necessarily be a front end to IGDA/SIG

>but more like an independent community focusing on players that have

>accessibility problems with games that can basically run itself

>(after all we have enough websites to manage already right?) We can

>put some links to the IGDA/GA/Audiogames/1button etc etc. but leave

>it mainly open for anyone to adjust as they please. Maybe some

>discussion topics on recent games with accessibility problems? We

>should probably keep a low profile on what we already do since we

>have that on the IGDA website already.


>Might be an excellent opportunity to get some new ideas & get people

>interested in what we do or connect those with disabilities to some

>of us that provide solutions (Richard/ Barrie / Reid)?



>Cheers Eelke





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