[games_access] Meeting Schedule For Fall

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Mon Aug 20 21:37:19 EDT 2007

Hi All,

We'll after a little experimenting this summer I think I have a
solution that should work and be a little less chaotic!

So I've decided that we should keep going with the two meeting times
BUT have them on the same day. It doesn't make all that much sense
not to and my teaching load is on tuesdays and thursdays this
semester so it will make that a little nicer on the schedule.

So here's a rundown of what will happen:

(1) Every Wednesday, there will be a meeting at 9am (NYC Time) and a
meeting at 12noon (NYC Time)

[To find what this means for YOUR time zone (and mine), use the handy
dandy World Clock:

(2) We meet on MSN Messenger/Live/Whatever it's called now. Some use
the web client with mixed success. I use the download version. So
either create a snazzy new MSN login for yourself or use the one you
already have.

(3) Sometime before the meeting, add ME as a contact to your MSN
account (you can add everyone else quickly during the meetings in
case my network is down and you can't find me). My MSN name is
vrgrrl at hotmail.com (NOTE: This is not a working email address for me
-- just my logon)

(4) A little before the meeting starts, I'll started adding people
into the chat room. There's no way to find this without my inviting
everyone every time. So look for me, look for others in the SIG and
message them if you think I might have missed you and we'll get you
into the meeting chat room.

I think that's about it!

So NO meeting tomorrow -- but TWO meetings (you can come to one or
both) on Wednesdays -- every Wednesday! Once we get our E for All
strategy cleaned up, we'll be focusing the meetings on committees --
so one week we might focus on the projects of the research and
development committee and another week we might focus on the
curriculum committee. So general business on those days will be kept
to short 5-10 minutes of announcements and then the head of the
committee will run the rest of the meeting, help us all get up to
speed, offer help/advise/ice cream.

Thanks everyone!
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