[games_access] Has anyone done a Poster Session before at GDC?

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Thu Dec 13 16:55:01 EST 2007

I know someone that did a poster last year from Illinois -- I'll see
if I can get any info from him.

Other poster sessions that I have done at other conferences, I
sometimes had one page summary handouts and other times I had full
papers (that was usually because I had to submit a paper and the
proposal got accepted as a poster so I already had the paper done --
ie, don't write a full paper for this!). I've shown demos on a laptop
before -- a lot of people do that. If the demo on a laptop is the
focus than what is on the poster matters less because people won't be
able to read it because you won't get that much space (maybe just a
few feet) for people to get really close to the poster. However, we
should find out if table space will be provided and power cords
available because that's what you'll need to know with regard to
showing a demo. If they only allow space to hang a poster than
obviously what's on the poster is going to need to be the focus so
you'll want to think about screen shots, etc.

It's definitely more like a science fair than a captive audience.
People will wander back and forth around the posters -- some will
just want to get a quick gist of everything and others will come
specifically to find out and ask questions about a specific title
that interests them.


>Hi all,


>Has anyone done a poster session at GDC before? I'm not getting the

>info I need from CMP. I need examples of what other people have done,

>in what format is info presented, is it like a science fair where

>people mingle around the various poster sessions and stick around for

>5 minutes or are they at the poster for 1 hr?


>What kind of content goes on the 3.3 ft tall poster?


>Any info would be appreciated.




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