[games_access] Question concerning making force feedback accessible?

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Mon Dec 17 15:26:50 EST 2007


I'm busy making a diagram of how to map one medium to another medium, for instance the path from auditory information to a text description of this auditory information in the form of a closed caption. I was enthousiastically drawing a path for adapting force-feedback information to other media like sound and visuals when it dawned on me: does this information need to be adapted to other media?

On one hand I'd say yes, if it communicates important information which is not communicated by the game through other means and thus not available when force feedback cannot be perceived (for instance because the player uses output hardware that do not support force feedback). But I was thinking of examples of this and couldn't think of any. Does anyone have an example of where force feedback is used to communicate important information that is not communicated via other means (like sound or visuals) by the game?

Also: do you think it is important to consider making force feedback information accessible by adapting it to different media, even though it might not be used much? Or would you simply say to game designers: "Do not communicate important information through force feedback ONLY, but also add an alternative"?


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