[games_access] Premier software review? Any help?

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Mon Dec 17 16:13:44 EST 2007

Hey Robert -- 3.0 is not backward compatible? That's insane. I hate
when products do that.

I think Thomas has some contacts at Adobe. If they can't help I'm
sure there are some other solutions -- let me check if we have some
unused copies in my lab of v. 2.0 that we could donate -- sometimes
we order too much and/or our university store might have some old
copies that we could get at a discount (I've noticed that they keep
old versions of other software in stock at a big discount until they
sell out of it for the very reason that you stated, that the new
versions aren't backward compatible. Somehow they have the licensing
to do that -- I'll check).

I'm not sure I'd trust that website. Usually there's something sneaky
when the cost is so low and they are not an authorized reseller.

Hang in there!! We'll come up with something to help you keep working
on your documentary amongst all of us.




>OK. I could use any help on finding version number two of Adobe Premiere

>Pro 2.0. As you know, I've been working on this documentary. Well, funding

>fell through from the state. I went to buy it myself and the people about

>program software program lied.


>For some ridiculous reason if you create any document with version 2.0, the

>newest version 3.0 that they are selling, no longer selling 2.0, will not

>allow you to bring your files or timeline or your work into 3.0.

>Ridiculous.! I think I got a jerk at the company and to be things like a

>really stupid marketing move for customers to just upgrade but they can't.


>Anyway I found this web site link above and then download really cheap $110

>isn't trustworthy I can't find out? Does anyone know? Normally it's $800.

>$400 with student discount. But nobody is selling 2.0 anymore. Please






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