[games_access] Major listserv problems -- your patience needed!

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Tue Dec 18 15:14:29 EST 2007

Hey everyone,

It's confirmed that we are having major listserv problems. For
instance people aren't getting their own postings back even if their
account is set up to do that -- so Robert, for instance, has sent
several identical emails because he's not getting any of them back.
Then there an issue with message arriving out of order by up to a
week off (ie, someone is getting a message that was sent a week ago
just now).

I have emailed tech support and the problem is being looked into
further. We do have a LOT of posts so I think we're basically in a
technical traffic jam! So if you are not getting your own replies or
things seem way out of date, please be patient and do check the list
archives (which seem to be fine) at:


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