[games_access] Need help with Adobe Premiere Pro. Anyone please!

Robert Florio arthit73 at cablespeed.com
Thu Dec 20 12:57:20 EST 2007


OK. I could use any help on finding version number two of Adobe Premiere
Pro 2.0. As you know, I've been working on this documentary. Well, funding
fell through from the state. I went to buy it myself and the people about
program software program lied.

For some ridiculous reason if you create any document with version 2.0, the
newest version 3.0 that they are selling, no longer selling 2.0, will not
allow you to bring your files or timeline or your work into 3.0.
Ridiculous.! I think I got a jerk at the company and to be things like a
really stupid marketing move for customers to just upgrade but they can't.

Anyway I found this web site link above and then download really cheap $110
isn't trustworthy I can't find out? Does anyone know? Normally it's $800.
$400 with student discount. But nobody is selling 2.0 anymore. Please


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I sis some work for BECta in 2007 looking at the legal responsibilities of
schools and software suppliers re accessibility and reasonable adjustment.

We obtained some legal advice re the DDA, SENDA and the Disability Equality
Duty and certainly with regard to software in schools and web delivered
materials in general the acts do apply.

When it comes to games suppliers it is not so certain and it seems to hinge
around whether services or goods are being supplied.

Anyway you can see the legal bits at:


Seasons greetings


At 17:06 19/12/07, you wrote:

>Don't want to stir this up, but....


>Not so sure that legislating for greater accessibility in software is such

>an evil,...........................

>So if an expectancy of "reasonable adjustments" in commercial software was

>introduced (which I truly belive will eventually happen) how badly would

>the artistic side of things be affected? What is reasonable is the tricky

>point... But I didn't see too many shop keepers crying about giving

>greater access to shoppers with different abilities.



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