[games_access] Happy Seasons Greetings/New Years/Etc!

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That's great Michelle thank you so much. It's been an honor and a pleasure
working with all of you and continue to work with all of you throughout the
days and years of our lives. Have a great holiday and hopefully appreciate
a wonderful things you have.


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Hi all,

I'm about to head out (tomorrow morning) for about 10 days of travel
from Champaign, IL to Detroit, MI then to Tampa, Florida (the colder
norther part, not the 365 days/year warm parts), back to Detroit, and
then back to exciting Champaign-Urbana before the new year hits. I
won't google up a "how this translates to European travel given
differences in vehicle speeds, etc" because, well, even I'm not that
nutty. :) Unfortunately I got hit by some death flu (and I even got
the flu shot!) for the past 48 hours or so and am just now getting it
shaken off a little bit!) -- so I have a lot to catch up on as the
brain fog clears.

First, I wanted to wish everyone on the list a happy new year (at
least according to most Western calendars)! It's been a rough road at
times for us this year but we made it through, important lessons were
learned, and we've experienced lots of growth. I know for a few of us
it's been a tough year in our personal lives as well and I can
appreciate that we are a volunteer group and that life gets tough to
balance. We do what we can with the time we have to try and make
change. And I think if you add up everything that's happened in the
last year, we've gotten a lot done. We've learned important lessons
on approaches not to take, approaches we haven't yet taken, and so
forth. We have an exciting 2008 ahead of us, no doubt.

Second, I want to thank everyone for their participation this year!
There's always more to do but we have to recognize that we are a
small group (for now!) and feel good about what we've been able to do
in the world of game accessibility. We're starting to tackle some of
the harder issues now -- social justice, legalities,
advantages/disadvantages of a symbol system for rating accessibility
(long talked about in the SIG but has it's trickiness in how the
check/balance system will work like the ESRP with their full time
employees), the complexities of guidelines, the academic puzzle of
how to frame what we do and say in a larger design paradigm, and
much, much more.

Third, I want to take the time to encourage everyone to get refreshed
and ready for a new and exciting year with the SIG -- "the book" will
happen this year (a general announcement will follow as soon as legal
stuff is worked out), we have conferences to look forward to, work
with the Electronic Consumers Association (the ECA that has been
formed to help fight the legal shutting down of games -- one that we
can use to help show a potential positive side that the industry
could/should be contributing to as much as they can because it HELPS
put the industry in a positive light), a grant to work through, fund
raising, a new website...so much more! This is exciting!

So I will be reachable while I'm gone but obviously things will slow
down from my end for the next week or so, as I imagine will be the
case for others as well. Relax and enjoy time with family. And, as I
have said before, hope for peace in the new year. The world, more
than ever, needs some healing.

Chairperson, IGDA Game Accessibility SIG
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