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Richard left the Game Accessibility Forum and that's kind of drifting now.
*quote end*

Well... more like: Richard AND Sander have left the Accessibility Foundation
(and it's projects including Audio Game Maker, Game Accessibility and
Interactive Audio Environment Doorn) in May of 2007, so well over half a
year already ;)

Dark started moderating AudioGames.com.
*quote end*

It's AudioGames.net ;) and it's not only Dark who is able to post news items
to the website, several others as well. But it is only the posting of news
items, moderation of the website is still with me and Sander. We do plan to
update the website with community functionality, so that everyone can
add/edit the database. Just not yet.... PhD time ;)



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> Hi Cara,


> We've been busy at 7-128 Software, too.


> We released our Top 25 Web Sites for Gamers who are Blind this October.

> Got a lot of help from folks here on that.


> The surprising thing is how much has changed just in 3 months.

> The Code Factory in Spain stopped shipping accessible games.

> Mark Barlet's AbleGamers.com site expanded into a real good source of

> current gaming information.

> Richard left the Game Accessibility Forum and that's kind of drifting now.

> Dark started moderating AudioGames.com.


> And a bunch of folks here have released, are releasing, or are pushing to

> release new games.

> (We got one new one out, Synonyms and Antonyms.)


> Oh, and the latest issue of Audyssey is dynamite!


> It's not dull.


> John Bannick

> 7-128 Software


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