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d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
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GREAT!!! :)


>Dave Hersher has published the OneSwitch "Physical Barriers in Video Games"

>article at the UEA-Life web-site: "Committed to bringing information and

>inspiration, along with life experiences to upper extremity amputees, their

>family and friends."







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>Hi Barrie,

>Just wanted to let you know that the new issue is published. I decided to

>run your paper over two issues (due to length) so the first part (concerning

>controllers) is in the current issue and the remainder will be published in

>the April issue.

>I also added a link to your site on .

>You can check out the ezine . Feel free to pass this link along if you know

>someone who may benefit from the ezine.

>Thanks again for allowing me to use the paper.






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