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UNC-Charlotte and Central Piedmont Community College will be doing something
with Second Life soon. I don't know if they have thought about
accessibility. I'll find out soon!

I just found the site for Second Life at the public library:


Here is a blog for people who are teen librarians and use SecondLife


I still am working on the game accessibility issue in library settings. The
speech/language pathologist I work with remembers reading somewhere that the
main library in Charlotte has some accessibility hardware for games. If
they do, they might be looking at accessibility issues for their Second Life

I will be seeing the teacher for the visually impaired students at my school
on Tuesday, and I'll ask her what she knows, too. As I mentioned before,
the main assistive technology resource for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg region
closed down for lack of funds.

As far as I am concerned, this is an emergency. We are trying to put
together a list of people who are involved with assistive technology in our
region so we can share information and figure out what steps we need to

By the way, I just sent an e-mail to the public library's Emerging
Technologies Manager and asked him about accessibility for games and

I'll let you know his reply!

Lynn Marentette
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Yeah, I agree -- the main issue at hand is when these games created
by SL members are used in classrooms...there is no reasonable
accommodation for this. What can substitute for a virtual world? An
old school text book? And SL really courts the educational gaming
market....much more so than the commercial gaming market.

It just brings up an interesting point of debate for sure -- we had
to talk laws at some point, after all. :) We'll be talking about it
at GDC during our Serious Games Summit Panel.


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