[games_access] Roberts design challenges. Thank you.

Robert Florio arthit73 at cablespeed.com
Fri Jan 26 12:00:29 EST 2007

Think you've Ried and Elka for the comments earlier about the breakdown of
the things that I go through and wish I could have been games for gamers
with physical impairments. What do we do now with this isn't something we
need to meet on to come up with guidelines for the designers?

I totally like the idea Reid had how the auto aiming feature somehow becomes
a timing game where more sensitive parts of the body can be hit you just
have to pull the trigger when the auto aim is near a certain part of that
body part.

Elka brings up a good point about enemies approaching from behind and when
you are fleeing have the preset evasive maneuvers start kicking and
automatically sort of an assistive movement device. I really like that and
I really appreciate the idea of when enemies are coming from behind your
character automatically goes into a different mood of detecting these
enemies positioning your camera view and character position which would be
my admission to the discussion because camera movements are already so
darned cool for games with me having to switch over different control
settings on the controller.

Thank you.


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