[games_access] Game Accessibility SIG Meetings: Restart THIS WEEK!!!

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Game Accessibility SIG Meetings: Restart THIS WEEK!!!I'll be there for Tuesday.


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Hi everyone,

This is a copy of the original email I'd sent out way back when I'd tried to get the meetings up and running again. So basically -- two meetings a week and two different times in the hopes that we can get more people combined than at one time that's lousy for half the list! :) So set your calendars to remind you! It's ON!

I'd like to try something new with the SIG meetings, by varying the times a bit and having meetings on a regular basis at a set time. I don't expect that everyone will be at (or be able to be at) every meeting but I'm hoping that if we can get some people at one meeting and others and another meeting, we'd really start to find some consistency. But I'll need help (HELP!!) in providing short summaries of the meetings to keep people up-to-speed so that, ideally, they could miss meetings and not be so lost when they can make a meeting.

Tuesdays -- 9am (New York Time)
Thursdays -- 1pm (New York Time)

To check the times in your part of the world (it's not even my part of the world but it's only an hour off!), check World Clock at http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/

As a reminder and an invite to those of you who haven't been to a meeting, we use MSN Messenger. Traditionally...we start a little late but I'd like to change that as best as we can so if everyone can arrive a few minutes early, that's great, but I'd rather have people late than not arrive at all (although please be patient if you arrive late so that we can send you the transcript so you can quickly catch up and so that we don't need to constantly bring people up to speed and interrupt the flow of the conversation).

What to do to set up for the meetings? Add me, vrgrrl at hotmail.com (please note that this is a "dead" email account that I don't use so don't send me mail there!), and I'll look for you around the start of the meeting. If you are online and I haven't added you and it's close to the start of the meeting, just IM me and I'll add you to the meeting!

Looking forward to regular meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays!



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