[games_access] Vision-impaired Accessible Quake via AGRIP - due for launch next week?

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Developers of software allowing vision-impaired players to play the mainstream computer game 'Quake,' are seeking volunteer testers ahead of its launch, according to Headstar's E-Access Bulletin. Audio Quake provides a layer of sound effects to be used in conjunction with the celebrated game, in which players control a character whose mission is to destroy monsters in various environments.

Audio signals such as the sound of gusts of wind rushing around give clues to vision-impaired players about what size space they are in for example, and bleeping sounds crescendo in speed and volume according to a player's distance from the enemy.

The software for Audio Quake, which is open source, can be downloaded from the site of the Accessible Gaming Rendering Independence Possible project (Agrip). To use it, users must first obtain Quake, or a shortened shareware version of the game which can also be freely downloaded from the Agrip site. Players' views will feed into the final version of the multiplayer game which is due to be launched at this year's Sight Village exhibition in the UK this July.

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