[games_access] Personas, etc. but what is really needed...

hinn at uiuc.edu hinn at uiuc.edu
Mon Jun 4 22:21:48 EDT 2007

>> One of the things that I think would get developers moving a bit more

>> and really possibly improve progress and pressure on developers is if

>> there was a universal SDK and set of standard libraries that could be

>> linked in to any game where the result of XX programmer weeks would

>> result in a game that has far more accessibility.


>That would be nice unfortunately game developers use a plethora of

>game engines. Accessibility features tie directly into the core of the

>game engine. Only something like closed captioning that we currently

>build for the torque engine can be relatively easily plugged in

>between the sound engine and the game specific GUI but a feature like

>autoaim or multiple difficulty levels ties deep into the game core and

>it's incredibly hard to generalize that into a component without

>resulting into a spaghetti of unwanted dependencies.


>cheers Eelke

I agree that our tackling the closed captioning system for Torque is going to give us a good first crack at things (The DonationCoder contest gave us access to the Garage Guys a few months before GDC so I could set up the meetings with them at GDC to get things going.

BTW -- has everyone who needs a Torque GE or associated account gotten one? I put in a few requests that I haven't heard back about (from Josh or the people waiting) so I'm not sure if we're still in a bit of a backlog or not. If so, I'll ping him again about it. And if there are others who want one to work on the Torque [cc] project, let me know and sign up for a user account at GarageGames and then email me that account login.

So just to check in -- what is the status currently of the [cc]? If there's anything we can demo at GDC, we definitely should but I want to take the direction from those of you working on the project and not put in a proposal with deadlines that can't be met! I think we had a few zig zags with direction so Eelke started something and I know Reid may have also started something so we all need to get that merged together as a project group just so we don't reinvent each other's wheels! :D

So Eelke, Reid (anyone else?) I know are in the thicke of the Torque [cc] stuff -- so I'll yield the floor (hmm...what's the "floor" on the internet?) to you guys to let me know what I and others can do to push things along, set up online meetings or phone conferences with Josh, etc

So fill me in :)

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