[games_access] epilepsy and gaming

Ben Sawyer bsawyer at dmill.com
Tue Jun 5 19:02:21 EDT 2007

This is interesting to think about but I would worry about hooking up
with lawyers suing the industry. Not that it shouldn't be a right to
do but diplomatically this might cause a stir.

On Jun 5, 2007, at 6:35 PM, Eelke Folmer wrote:

> Hi,


> After the "virtual" lawsuit against Secondlife for not being

> accessible a few months ago I found another one (which is actually

> even older) http://www.kotaku.com/gaming/james-sokolove/ which deals

> with epilepsy. Maybe we can include epilepsy also as a disability in

> our research. Its funny I see so many games with epilepsy warnings but

> I've never considered it to be a disability. (cognitive? or perhaps

> visual since they're triggered throught visual stimuli) Anyone have an

> idea for this?


> I wonder what kind of guidelines game developers have to follow to

> prevent people getting epileptic seizures? 50 million people worldwide

> suffer from epilepsy. Maybe game developers can offer an epilepsy safe

> mode which disables stroboscopic light effects in their games. (though

> only 5% of the people with epilepsy are affected by strobe lights,

> according to wikipedia)


> Anyway Jim sokolove seems to be the guy behind the lawsuit, maybe we

> can hook up with him.

> http://www.jimsokolove.com/other/video-games/index.aspx


> does anyone know any studies dealing with this?


> cheers Eelke



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