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Sun Jun 10 17:01:57 EDT 2007



> And without careful moderation, a company could say that their

> accessibility features are "well the other users will help out" but in

> real life maybe the game players would not provide this help.

*quote end*

I'd like to add that I can imagine that at some point, *IN CERTAIN GAMES*,
it is very likely that assisting gamers will eventually get fed up with
assisting, because they might prefer to use the freedom of the game to its
full advantage, instead of "constantly having to help out someone else with
someone elses game". However, I do think game designers could take this into
consideration when designing co-op games, and design the game in such a way
that the assisting gamer is still experiencing the game to the same extend
as he/she were if not assisting. And what about some special co-op game
accessibility design patterns, that may not neccesarily bother the assisting
gamer, something like "Trail", which allows a character to automatically
move after another character?

Another thought for your thesis, Michelle, also concerning this subject:

There recently was an excellent documentory on Chinese 'Cyberkoelies' -
chinese professional gamers that are paid by western gamers to play games
like WoW and improve the character stats and gold reserves of the western
gamers. It's mostly in Chinese with Dutch subtitles, but I'd recommend
everyone (not just Eelke and Sander) to have a look (because of the good
visuals in the documentory):
http://www.vpro.nl/programma/hollanddoc/afleveringen/31239940/ . Well, I
guess you are all familiar with this phenomenon. So what about a business of
professional Guide Gamers?


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