[games_access] Michelle's Health: A Monthly Status Report

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All the best, MIchelle. Hope you get well soon! Don't die on us, okay!? We
need you!

ps: save those stones (or their remains of the laser treatment*). Maybe
later, when you're an established game author you can sell them on eBay and
make a buck or two?**

** sick humor for ill patients - sorry, get well, miss M ;)

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> Hey everyone,


> Just to quickly ping you all about what's currently going on with my FAB

> autoimmune wonkiness. I think you all know that I have kidney stones (I

> don't know what I was doing in February when this all started but I think

> "working too much and not delegating when I needed to and, oh, not

> drinking enough water" pretty much is the best explanation I've got for

> that! So...they are getting better (they used some lasers to implode

> them...who said that viewing a med procedure as a cool new video game was

> wrong? ;)


> Then I'm on a clinical trial for something else which is making my short

> term memory not the best at the moment (amongst other things no one wants

> to hear about!!). So PLEASE bug me if you are waiting on something and

> I'll try to get to that as quickly as I can.


> I appreciate everyone's patience and understanding! My body seems to be

> trying to take me down one step at a time! It's weird, maybe, but I've

> come to view the SIG as my one group that keeps me going. I

> know...overattachment maybe but it's nice to see all the discussion and

> cool stuff going on at the moment!!


> Progress!!! :)


> Michelle

> .......................................

> these are mediocre times and people are

> losing hope. it's hard for many people

> to believe that there are extraordinary

> things inside themselves, as well as

> others. i hope you can keep an open

> mind.

> -- "unbreakable"

> .......................................

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