[games_access] Fwd: Personas, etc. but what is really needed...

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Sun Jun 10 17:36:56 EDT 2007



> Ben: color blindness, that's incredibly hard, I don't even think you

> will be able to write code for that. Checking for particular color

> schemes (lets say red on green) can be anywhere in the game e.g. on

> game objects / textures. Interaction between objects, Light effects &

> shading & blending can lead to non desirable color schemes. There's no

> way you can possibly identify that upfront. The only way I can imagine

> to deal with it would be to make artist aware to use non colourblind

> colour schemes.

*quote end*

Colorblindness is actually quite simple, in my opinion. The problem, not
being able the see information conveyed with color *alone*, can be solved

- make artists simply not convey information with colour
- make artists simply not convey information with colour ALONE, i.o.w:
convey the same information with more than just colour (shape, size, sound,
- make artists use non-colourblind colourschemes (what Eelke said) > only
problem is that there are many types of colour blindness, so there is not
just ONE scheme, so: game should provide multiple colour schemes.

Again: problems with colour only occur in games in which information is
conveyed by colour *alone*. Although realtime lightning and shading and
blending and such can create a dynamic coloured environments, if a designer
is aware of colour-blindness problems and follows the "Do not convey
information with colour ALONE"-guideline, then I can't really think of why
this would be difficult?



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