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Check out this link everyone. A cool story came out on AOL. I forgot about
this interview it was so long ago. Pretty cool. I just got interviewed
today for a story that the Maryland Gazette was interested in about game
accessibility, totally game accessibility. It's the first story of had just
about about the efforts I've been doing and all of everything we've been
doing that and focused mostly on game accessibility. Hopefully that will be
online to but this Saturday I think it prints. I will let you know.



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We finished the closed captioning component for the torque engine.
Its a separate component that can be included using only one simple
line in any gui that uses the torque engine.

We implemented two different versions.
1) captions on the left of the screen with FBRL indicating the
position of the sound
2) captions all over the screen screen position indicates where the
sound comes from (up is front bottom is back etc.)

check out the demos on:

http://www.eelke.com/grad/TorqueCC.zip its a feisty 66 mb.

cheers Eelke

Eelke Folmer Assistant Professor
Department of CS&E/171
University of Nevada Reno, Nevada 89557
Game interaction design www.helpyouplay.com
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