[games_access] Hello World!

Jennie Stenhouse error404notfound at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 09:25:30 EDT 2007

Hello Every one

I thought I would introduce my self..
My name is Jennie Stenhouse and I am really really keen to be involved
in the OLPC project particually with accesiblity, I am a programmer
and designer. Currently working in the Games Industry.. I would say I
am particully intreasted in the oppitunitys that the camera and mic
have to offer us in making the laptop really usable by everyone. I
have an idea for a set of eduacational games/activitys as well as
another app which I think is similar to the etoys activity but with
camera and/or mic for interaction as well as basic touch pad

I am also really intreasted in the recording of narratives of the
children and the communitys who recive the laptops. Basically this is
such a wicked oppitunity for every one to catch glimpses of peoples
lives whom usally dont have the oppitunity to share them..

Even if we look into some sort of mapping that can take regular
activitys/games etc and change the inputs to be from mic or camera....
I am not thinking any major processing on this ( the laptop just can't
hack anything uber intensive ) but offering another method of
interaction is always a good thing... I know that the project is
focused on children ( who may be more ready to adapt to whats gotta be
a weird way to interact if you have never done it before ) but there
are other community members that are going to be key in making the
project a success.

Do we have any accesss to numbers of what type of dissablitys that we
are primed to encounter?

I would be more than happy to help out in any way possible !
can ya tell I am keen!



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